A home-made manufacturing for an original decorating idea

A sophisticated and original internal decoration.

As all customers you will pleasantly be surprised with the effect produced by our home-made know-how which ends in a decoration of very good taste which distances itself by its aspect and its texture for a very very accessible price.

The ornamental result of our know-how.

Nothing is worth the comparison with what you already know to allow to dread the enormous differences which brings our home-made know-how on your future internal decoratione. Your painting has no reflexion on your wall and you are in direct contact with the subject which composes it.

Of the screen in the reality.

It is not simple to perceive through a screen the texture and the picture of our paintings. We are going to try to light you to detail the stages of our manufacturing, illustrated by photos.

Our job(business), our know-how, consists in protecting of our pictures  while heightening them to end in a well-to-do aspect decorated with a picture very close to  an original painting and incomparably more ornamental than a vulgar one glass mount. A been looked after finish, an adapted frame are enough to perfect the whole decoration in an unbeatable price.

This home-made added value not miss to amaze you. The final depiction, of the most beautiful effect, will warm the atmosphere of your inside which will distance itself by the refinement and the good taste of our subjects.

Against hot sticking.

Our pictures are at first sticked under heat on a wooden back, they are flattened. This technique allows to obtain one perfect tension of the subject on the back of the frame, what avoids any deformation in the time while conferring iti a perfect aspect. We use to make this operation a hot press (Vacuseal 4468 hours) which rises to a temperature of 100 ° and which flattens our engravings on the back, préencollé with some vinyl wood glue, through a pump which creates the space of air(sight) in the press..

The texturization.

All the craftiness to obtain this textured aspect comes from the idea to protect our pictures, once sticked, with another material than the glass. For it we use ancient techniques which consisted in protecting with varnishs, of pretty poor quality in the period, that we put handed with current tastes thanks to the arrival of new materials with acrylic, very resistant, to the perfect transparency and especially very easy to maintain. This stage is completely manually realized by our care by means of various brushes, rollers or brushes. The final aspect of your decoration, finely cracked and regular, without any overload of material, live of the most sophisticated.

The adapted frame.

All our models distinguish themselves by the sweetness and the harmony of the colors which compose them. To propose you a decoration adapted to all the spaces of your housing environment we chose to make a unique frame for the collection and we thought of framing our subjects by staying in the tone on tone spirit of all our themes. The idea to use a color which calls reminds a staff in plaster put down in trunk the eye on your walls appeared as the most adapted for all our paintings. Even on the most clear walls, to see white, the harmony lives, so much that we noticed, after numerous tries(essays), that the whole collection supports very badly frames colored which establish almost an error of taste. We thus have to decide to create what adorned us to be the most harmonious decorative object and of this fact the baguette is an integral part of the decoration.


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