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In our home-made workshop situated in Haute-Provence, we realize traditional works intended for the inside decoration. What distinguishes us in the field of the decoration, it is to propose you beautiful and cheap paintings while using quality materials. Hardly of our home-made experience, we heighten our subjects and manage to produce a decoration less expensive (30 in 40 %) than competes with us for an equivalent, in other words irreproachable aspect. The quality and the price are there.

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The main part of the made subjects are inspired by the provençal inheritance so expensive to our hearts. Armed with a big passion, we hope to offer to your walls the colors of Provence and to make vibrate your housing environment at the rate of the cicada song, the breath of the mistral, the scents of the soil, the accent of south.

Absorbed by the life in Provence since our youngest age us minutely selected paintings, for all the spaces of the house. They allow to create a warm and sober atmosphere, alive but discreet, colored but soft, contrasted but sophistic which answers to the requirements of the "good taste".


The strength of our work : the use of noble materials, the exclusive choice of harmonious subjects but by top everything une technique et un savoir-faire sustained of 15 years of experiment in the frame, the lamination, the marouflage.

In the heart of Provence -come to us-

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Frame "In trompe-l'œil style"

Worried of heightening the view of our pictures without crushing them with a too much supported frame, in a discreet trompe l'œil spirit, we propose you an well-kept decoration and rich decoration which will find easily its place in your living environment.
The home-made aspect of our border frame, off-white or grayed-out, very trendy, deposits delicately our pictures on your walls in mind of a staff in plaster.

zoom Provençal FrameFrame

A raw, soft and neutral material and of good taste which adapts itself naturally to very different atmospheres, of the most contemporary to the most classic. A tone on tone aspect in accordance with our creations and all the types of inside about is the color of your walls. Let us remain sophisticated!!

Lamination "Hot sticking"

It is against hot sticking (100°C), by means of a press (rolling mill), Of all our subjects on a strengthened wooden support (thickness 3-4 mm) which avoids any deformation or long-term change.

zoom LaminationLamination

Your pictures will be resistant in the time which crosses and will keep for ever its original texture. The wooden back on which it is flattened stiffens the whole work which will then be maroufled and framed as described attached.
The combination of these three home-made techniques will give the final touch to your pictures and will confer on your decoration a depiction of the most aesthetic.
Let us privilege the quality, the duration while protecting the delicacy of the ornamental aspect!!

Marouflage "A textured aspect"

This home-made process of pictures protection, strengthened by the arrival of news acrylic materials, allows us to encapsulate your subject, to capture its texture, what confers it the character and the aspect of an original oil paint.

zoom Home-made MarouflageHome-made Marouflage

Your decoration so heightened by our know-how illuminates your inside but remains sober and delicate. Its elegance convinced our whole clientele and will not miss to amaze you.The numerous advantages of the process are not unimportant: anti-UV protection, anti-reflection, washable (with a wipe or a wet sponge), antistatic. The aspect of an original work in an unbeatable price!!


Presents Idea

With our paintings you can make an original and well-made present. A present which, hung on the walls of the dear person, will remind him to you every day. You will so show good taste and refinement. The numerous proposed themes allow you to choose according to the sensibility and some internal decoration of the aforementioned person.
Good choice !!

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