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Village under the snow - Mountain Deco Painting | Vincent

Village under the snow

Description of the painting n° V79A

Mountain deco

In a felted silence the spotless village wakes up under the thick layer of snow fallen at night. This whiteness wraps homes and adorns the winter all at once of cleanliness.

"In spite of the necessary duties for rehabilitated all the ways and the access, the good mood settles down and we share gladly these usual spots."

Reproduction sold framed, wooden quality baguette, ready to hang on. Texture: acrylic.

▼ Color and style of the moulding
  • Grey curved -width 5 cm
  • Cleared curved -width 5 cm
▼ Framed chart format
  • 40 x 35 cm
  • 80 x 60 cm
3-5 days
Fabrication Artisanale

Craft from Provence, Decoration

Making of our deco