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Access to the sea - Sea Deco Painting | Julien

Access to the sea

Description of the painting n° J602

Sea Deco - XXL Size

An access to the flowery sea, colored and well maintained very. We join sailboats on a sea of a deep blue there and farther the "Côte d'Azur" stands out. Peace and discretion.

"These paths or passages to reach the sea are often difficult to access between the villas of the owners. Courtesy and respect for places and the inhabitants are appropriate."

XXL Size - 60x110 cm

Reproduction sold framed, wooden quality baguette, ready to hang on. Texture: acrylic.

▼ Color and style of the moulding
  • Grey curved -width 5 cm
  • Cleared curved -width 5 cm
▼ Framed chart format
  • 60 x 110 cm
5-6 d
Fabrication Artisanale

Craft from Provence, Decoration

Making of our deco