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Boats and ganivelles in the sand - Sea Deco Painting | Julien

Boats and ganivelles in the sand

Description of the painting n° J548

Sea Deco - XXL Size

Footprints join the beach in the sand. They go away since boats moored in the middle of ganivelles shielded from the wind and the looks.

"Shielded from dunes and shielded from wind, enough distant from the sea boats are protected by its wooden barriers of sweet chestnut trees."

XXL Size - 60x110 cm

Reproduction sold framed, wooden quality baguette, ready to hang on. Texture: acrylic.

▼ Color and style of the moulding
  • Grey curved -width 5 cm
  • Cleared curved -width 5 cm
▼ Framed chart format
  • 60 x 110 cm
5-6 d
Fabrication Artisanale

Craft from Provence, Decoration

Making of our deco