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Heart of Wheat "Passionately" - Deco of Charm - Provence Painting | Vincent Perriol

Corn  heart " Passionately " - painting detail 40 x 40 cm

Description of the painting n° 3122

Deco of charm

The wheat symbolizes the happiness, the prosperity, the fertility. Not insignificant to envisage a fascinating life for two!

Reproduction sold framed, wooden quality baguette, ready to hang on. Texture: acrylic.

Vincent Perriol
▼ Color and style of the moulding
  • Cleared curved -width 5cm
  • Grey curved -width 5 cm
▼ Framed chart format
  • 40 x 40 cm
3-5 days
Fabrication Artisanale

Craft from Provence, Decoration

Making of our deco