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By sailboat in creeks - Sea Deco Painting | Julien

By sailboat in creeks

Description of the painting n° J610

Sea Deco

A white sailboat on turquoise blue waters surrounded with calcareous rocks tinged with brown. Contrasts of bright colors of the Mediterranean Sea.

"Accessible on foot at the price of long walking in rocks, these creeks far from everything are more easily accessible by the sea."

Small Size Middle Size

Reproduction sold framed, wooden quality baguette, ready to hang on. Texture: acrylic.

▼ Color and style of the moulding
  • Cleared curved -width 5 cm
▼ Framed chart format
  • 40 x 35 cm
  • 60 x 50 cm
3-5 days
Fabrication Artisanale

Craft from Provence, Decoration

Making of our deco